Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sticker Project

How cute. On the Quad. ^ In the ladies' room v

Seriously? Life Sciences cafe:

By Orange Grove:

Mount Olympus stairs:

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In reading the first half of David Bregman's book Do Good (Design), I felt a strong-winded affirmation of my responsible and critical perspective of the design world. True, design is fabulous, interesting, enjoyable, enthusiastic, problem-solving, creative logic, my reason and lead into the pursuit of art. But the world of design is completely sodden with talented people using their design talents for evil.

Comedically stated, but nonetheless true. Most commonly seen in advertising and communication design, images are created that falsely convict the viewer of a need to buy a product which will hopefully satisfy an insatiable desire to achieve success and self-betterment via more stuff. Often times throughout this process of mental infiltration through designed media, the objectification and sexualization of women is emphasized--along with many other distorted perspectives of fantasy and reality.

As a designer and as a woman of moral and ethical standards that are unwavering and finite, I don't give a crap what sells if it means undermining those morals by harming someone or something even if indirect. Infiltrating the media and consewuently. its daily non-stop consumers with negative images is irresponsible, unethical, and a misuse of the power of design and those who hold the craft preciously in their hands.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Design II @ The Flea Market

so did anyone else beg their mom to buy them one of these lame, cheesy, technicolor art kits? they looked pretty and exciting--flowing the juices of a five year old's creativity! But unfortunately the quality of the color is so low, its like attempting to paint with your elbow. ouch.

Bad Design I @ The Flea Market

Good Design II @ The Flea Market!!

jolly good!

Good Design I @ The Flea Market!!

A great way to spend a sunny Sunday! Good examples of the flea market in Syracuse:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bad Design I

the least inviting food court front. except for the "stix" image, nothing speaks of hot, delicious food. rather, you see the ugly backs of machines and a dirty, bleak appearance. some food stands did a fabulous job of lining up all the food and drink items they served in the window, with large price signs next to it. this was an epic fail. i wouldn't want to waste my time trying to find a menu and asking about the prices.

on the bottom of a roller coaster. comforting, isnt it?
also a hazard in a selling atmosphere.
an inflatable bat that bent at the handle. the little kid is cute tho.

Bad Design

the design of the top was nice. but the layout of the "store" that sold it was terrible. none of the tops were marked and you had to request from the man that worked their your size and color. this makes the shopping experience difficult for the passerby. the more convenient and relaxing the shopping experience, the more the customer is likely to spend. the opposite remain true as well.

look like this is the trash site at the fair? wrong. also a terrible shopping environment in the middle of merchandise. lame.
stupid and very likely top heavy. why is it pictured outside of the pool if its main selling element is that it floats on the water??
an extra weight had to be added for the supports to actually support. i can see a lot of people tripping on this cinder block.

Good Design III

this attracted the attention of potential customers to the stand that sold a wide variety of candied apples. yummy and adorable.

Good Design II

you'll never lose your kids in this busy place.

Good Design

this is how the fair organized the competition/show of cows by their leadsmen. by having them walk in a circle around the judge, it showed every angle of the cow's form and posture. it also highlighted when a cow was misbehaving and held the rest of the line up.

At the NY State Fair!