Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Janine Benyus believes in the mimicry of natural design in the design work of humans--what I believe to be a fascinating statement of discovering the obvious. It is a great concept, however simple, to follow the path of the original Creator who designed every living and nonliving thing, including the Earth. I know not many believe that we are created by God, but I acknowledge that yes, He in fact is the only one true creator of our lives! None of this mutation, evolution, we-are-apes nonsense that penetrates our world which so many liberal thinkers, logical minded scholars, and the like follow without question. I feel this is a subtle acknowledgement of our creation.

Barry Schwartz, proposes the ingenious idea of how hindering, frightening it is for most in modern cultures who must face tho possibility of the impossible--the boundless, countless, infinite choices that exist to us. Rather, the research supports--as do I due to personal experience--that when we are limited to fewer choices, limited resources, a small selection, that we on the contrary flourish! I feel that a bombardment of ideas and options can muddle creativity on some occassion, because the focus shifts to which of the options one will pick and not what in fact will be done when that option is chosen. Whenever we are limited, that is when creativity really begins. A resourcefulness in which the mind must stretch the few things before it.

Elizabeth Streb presents interesting challenges in regards to the method of movement, utility, and transformation of the human body in order to consider the unlikely and unfamiliar. This great exercise challenges the normalcy of life that we are so accustomed and desensitized to.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TED Talks

Sir Ken Robinson's perspective of education systems explains how the restrictive tendencies aimed at inducing conformity, sameness, and following instruction is liable for the murder of the creativity in the young minds of America. Not a new found thought in my head, but the first time I've heard it spoken by a scholarly adult and subsequently broadcast globally.

Eames Demetrios, grandson of the great design team Charles and Ray Eames, spoke of the necessity for honest, true design which met an issue's particular needs. Design is not an excuse for the designer to implement their own artistic style for its own sake, but it is rather a way of life, a lifestyle, and an aspect of business by responsibly focusing on the need.
"The extent which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved a design problem."
--Charles Eames

Liz Coleman, collegiate educator speaks of the absence of genuine liberal arts in our society due to its current state of professionalism. School systems vouch for students to develop a mastery of all the basic skills with a bare minimum of cultural literacy. Or when said students do reach college, they must sacrifice a well-rounded education to only study the particular sect of their profession of choice--what she describes as learning "more about less."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Do Good (Design)

The remainder of Do Good, David Bergman's manifesto-like analysis of modern day design makes some great points in his well delivered arguments to assume responsibility for turning the world of design into a globally, economically aware practice backed by personal and public ethical codes. The conclusive offer for the reader to make a pledge was effective, but did not overshadow the countless examples of the many design firms and individual professionals who have taken stands in order to donate 5-10% of their professional time to better our world and acting with responsibility when determining which design projects and clients to work with, how the messages are delivered, and the means with which their work is completed. This requires discretion, creative problem solving, and often the dismissal of some well paying jobs in order to maintain one's code of ethics. It may be difficult in the short term, but is an honorable, noble, and well-respected decision any truthfuly responsible designer would make. I look forward to titling myself in the design world as a responsible designer.