Monday, October 5, 2009

Do Good (Design)

The remainder of Do Good, David Bergman's manifesto-like analysis of modern day design makes some great points in his well delivered arguments to assume responsibility for turning the world of design into a globally, economically aware practice backed by personal and public ethical codes. The conclusive offer for the reader to make a pledge was effective, but did not overshadow the countless examples of the many design firms and individual professionals who have taken stands in order to donate 5-10% of their professional time to better our world and acting with responsibility when determining which design projects and clients to work with, how the messages are delivered, and the means with which their work is completed. This requires discretion, creative problem solving, and often the dismissal of some well paying jobs in order to maintain one's code of ethics. It may be difficult in the short term, but is an honorable, noble, and well-respected decision any truthfuly responsible designer would make. I look forward to titling myself in the design world as a responsible designer.

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